STEMx was created as a platform for connecting state STEM networks together to share breakthroughs and support each other. In February, we unveiled a new, searchable database of resources pulled from around the country.

That database is growing. Throughout the year, a team of leaders from around the network met to evaluate potential resources. Today, we proudly grant the STEMx Seal of Approval to the following tools:

  1. Indiana STEM Schools Designation Application and Rubric
  2. Washington Career Readiness Workshop Playbook
  3. North Carolina STEM School Attributes and Rubrics
  4. MOU with Ohio Department of Education for STEM Schools
  5. Ohio STEM School Reviewer Packet

STEMx sealThere’s a clear theme here. Indiana, North Carolina and Ohio have all developed detailed materials for “STEM designation.” In these states, being a “STEM school” is more than writing the word in your school’s name. Each requires a specific mix of curriculum, staffing, and procedures for schools to officially earn the state’s approval to be a STEM school.

States are devoting resources to STEM schools for a clear reason: Research continues to build showing that STEM schools work. Last June, STEMx Director Michael Feder highlighted emerging work from George Washington University and SRI about the impact of inclusive STEM schools. SRI just published a set of policy recommendations based on the findings of that study, read them here.

We’re also bringing you a playbook from Washington STEM on hosting an event for students on STEM careers. Another resource details how Ohio’s STEM network coordinates with the state’s department of education.

As always, each resource we add includes a link where you can download the original documents. Through this service, we aim to accelerate the growth of STEM education through the United States and inspire more students to fulfill their potential.

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