Network: Indiana STEM Resource Network

Purpose: The Indiana STEM School application assists schools in recording their programming, identifying strengths and weaknesses and prepares them for a site visit. The Indiana STEM School Implementation Rubric guides schools in where their programming currently falls, helps guide future work, and encourages best practices. Both are integral parts of the STEM school designation process in Indiana.

Usage: The application and rubric have been used for multiple years to designate STEM schools and programs across Indiana.  The resources have provided a vision for STEM in the state and guided continued improvement.

Impacts: Three cohorts of STEM Certified Schools have completed the application process based off the STEM Implementation Rubric and received Full STEM Certification. Additionally, we have created a STEM School Network to facilitate the continued growth of STEM schools in the state.

Prior research or grounding: The application and rubric are grounded in the applications and rubrics for STEM schools developed by other STEMx members. In particular, Indiana built these tools from the tools developed by the Arizona STEM Network, such as the Arizona STEM Implementation Guide.

Contact: Jarred Corwin, Indiana Department of Education,  317.232.9175,

Implementation Rubric:

School Application: