For many parents, the problem with STEM education isn’t intention, it’s execution. These parents know that a quality STEM education can ignite their child’s curiosity, drive a deep understanding of our complex work, and provide the foundation for prosperity. Where should they start?

March 26, we’ll issue the first edition of the Parents Guide to STEM, published in partnership with the Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative.

Before we publish, we’re giving our readers a chance to submit any resource you feel deserves sharing. After some internal review, we’ll publish the best of these submissions alongside the publication of the Parents Guide.

  • Briefly, what should this link be called?
  • What does this resource provide? What organizations or organizations created it? Are there any restrictions on what states or communities can access it?
  • Please provide a link directly to the resource in question.
  • In case we have questions about this, who should we reach out to?

Just want to make sure you get a copy? Sign up for the release of the guide at

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