Just a few weeks ago, we unveiled a major re-design to the STEMx website, including a major expansion to our list of STEMx-endorsed resources. We invested in these upgrades (and devoted a full section of the resources to communications) having getting your messages heard matters. It takes serious time, practice, and energy to be heard.

We aren’t done yet. Today,  we’re releasing a set of six communications assets: Five graphics and one video. These were developed for us under the leadership of the STEMx Communications Working Group to help our members drive home key points as they campaign for STEM.

The group sought to find broad, powerful messages about STEM that could be used any time. And we’re pleased to share them with you. Tweet, post, embed, email. However you get your message out, you’re welcome to add these graphics. We’ve included download links to the files below.

In return, here’s our request: Go forth and do great work. The case from STEM education has never been stronger.

Download Download
Download Download

Download video.

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