Today, we’re talking to Representative Wilson Stone of Kentucky. Rep. Stone is part of the inaugural class of STEMx Policy Fellows from across the country. They are spending the next two years learning from and with other policymakers from STEMx states to take new ideas back to their own community.

Welcome Rep. Stone! What does it mean to you being a STEMx Policy Fellow?

Rep. Wilson Stone of Kentucky, a STEMx Policy Fellow

Rep. Wilson Stone of Kentucky, a STEMx Policy Fellow

I am a part of STEM because I am interested in promoting STEM education across Kentucky, especially as the legislature might be able to enable and promote. Being a STEMx Policy Fellow has within it, a certain responsibility to be a strong promoter of and liaison for STEM education within state government agencies as we attempt to broaden the scope of STEM education across K-12.

Why did you want to be a STEMx Policy Fellow?

I am a strong and unapologetic advocate of public education. STEM must be an integral part of student preparation as we move further into the 21st century.

What do you hope to learn during your time as a fellow?

My hope is to learn more about the specifics of the STEM curriculum being offered, especially as it pertains to various age groups; what is being done in other states; and specific examples of success that are manifest in examples of profession choices.

How do you think this fellowship will help you and Kentucky be a leader in STEM education?

This fellowship will provide exposure to the STEM emphasis programs that have been operating longer than those in Kentucky. To gain from others experience is very important. To be able to coordinate any legislative policy or monetary application with those who have the education expertise is also important as we attempt to move Kentucky forward more rapidly in the STEM disciplines.

Thanks so much for your time, Representative Stone! 
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  1. Eve Proffitt says:

    We are so proud and grateful for Mr. Stone and his work with Kentucky STEMx. He is so knowledgeable of the legislative process and such an advocate for STEM. Thanks!

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