by Margaret Ashida, director of the STEMxTM network

One of the primary goals of the Kentucky STEMx™ Network is to define and support the characteristics of highly effective STEM initiatives. To this end, a network team embarked upon a study of other STEMx states’ design and school rubrics en route to creating a draft Kentucky STEM Program Rubric. Last Tuesday, they shared the current draft in an Innovate to Learn Institute session which provided multi-state context then engaged participants in lively and constructive feedback – a role model of open collaboration.

All told, over 500 people from across Kentucky came together at the 4th annual Innovate to Learn Institute presented by the University of Kentucky College of Education in Lexington. Educators from pre-school through grad school engaged with employers; local, regional, statewide and national non-profit organizations; and the Kentucky Department of Education. The Institute brought its theme to life: Inquire. Inspire. Innovate.

Kentucky’s STEM rubric development also illustrates a STEMx mantra – “by the states, for the states.” Through STEMx, over a third of the nation’s states are committed to helping one another identify and spread effective practice. It’s great to experience the network in action!

1 thought on “Quality STEM Programs: How Do We Know When We See One?”

  1. Michelle Kavanaugh says:

    I am working with the Finger Lakes STEM Hub and an evolving WNY STEM Hub as part of the Empire State STEM Learning Network. We’re also embarking on developing a program rubric for next spring and would be interested in your draft. Congratulations on your good work.

    Michelle Kavanaugh, Ed.D.

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