Ever wanted to take a spin in Google’s self-driving car? Your chance to realize that dream has never been better, thanks to the Udacity High School Challenge Brought to you by Battelle.

From now until August 26th, hundreds of teams led by high school students are competing to complete as many Udacity courses as possible. Team leaders from the top five teams will win a trip to Silicon Valley and get to drive the self-driving car!

STEMx™ members have a chance to win too — the Member state with the most students to sign up for the challenge will receive coveted bragging rights AND a chance to join the winning team leaders in Silicon Valley. For more information about how the challenge works, visit Udacity’s website.

This challenge comes right on the heels of some really wild developments in the world of online learning. Just yesterday, Coursera, another online learning company, announced an expansion of their partner universities and course offerings. The New York Times wrote about the announcement and gave a general overview of what are called “massive open online courses” or MOOCs for short.

If you’re still skeptical about MOOCs, you can at least admit they have just about the most fun name ever to say. But give MOOCs a chance — check out Udacity and encourage high school students you know to join the summer challenge!

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