Two years ago, Hadi Partovi and his brother Ali brought together top leaders in tech like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates to issue a simple call. They asked people to spend just one hour coding, getting an introduction to the computer languages that much of the modern world relies on.

Today, the “Hour of Code” has grown into an entirely new organization called That non-profit, and its impressive list of partners, are at it again. This December, they’re hoping to break last year’s record of students participating in the week-long Hour of Code campaign.

It won’t be easy, more than 15 million people participated in 2013. To help and extend this great STEM experience to more students, the STEMx network in joining in the effort.

Here’s how the states served by STEMx member organizations did in 2013. (click the chart to enlarge) All told, STEMx states contributed more than 8.5 million students to the Hour of Code. We hope to do even more this year.

141014 STEMx code map

Running an Hour of Code event in a member state? Provide details in the comments and we’ll pass the information on to the leadership of a STEM organization in your area.