Network: Washington STEM

Purpose: The Washington STEM Framework for Action and Accountability is a research-based tool laying out key STEM indicators and strategies. The Framework is designed to spur greater coordination, smarter investments, and measurable results across organizations and stakeholders in order to align work toward measurable results in STEM education.

Usage: The Governor’s STEM Education Innovation Alliance has adopted a subset of indicators for the purpose of tracking STEM talent and supply across the state. These indicators in the form of the Report Card, is housed on the Washington Student Achievement Council website. You can access the dashboard here:

Impacts: Washington STEM shared its Framework with the Governor’s STEM Education Innovation Alliance, as called for in legislation passed in 2013. The STEM Alliance has adopted the Framework and a STEM Benchmark Report Card (Report Card) has been developed based on a subset of the proposed Framework measures. You can access the Washington State STEM Talent and Supply Dashboard here:

Additionally, the Framework has been used to guide and align work in our regional STEM Networks; goals and indicators have been used to set outcomes used in our Memorandums of Understanding with each Network and is the basis for measuring progress of our collective impact.

Prior research or grounding: Washington STEM launched its efforts to develop the Framework in 2013. After creating an initial draft, the organization engaged with STEM leaders in Washington and across the nation to further develop and validate the Framework. Advisors included university partners, funders, businesses, policymakers, researchers, and educators in Washington, as well as members of STEMx, a multistate network of states dedicated to improving STEM education. Alongside Battelle, who acted as the evaluator, Washington STEM examined research and findings from the field to ensure the Framework components were evidence-based and actionable.

Contact: Caroline King, Washington STEM,, 206.658.4320