Network: Tennessee STEM Innovation Network (TSIN)

Purpose: This Advocacy Kit was put together with the intent of making it easier for our partners to advocate for STEM education through letters or emails to legislators and corporate partners.

Usage: Regional hubs and schools used this kit to advocate for policies and legislation that supported STEM education. The advocacy kit provided stock letters and templates that partners edited to fit their organization and outreach. The kit provided general talking points about the importance the STEM, the overarching goals of the network and its regional partners, and functioned as ways to invite legislators to visit schools. The advocacy kit was deployed successfully when the network sought funding from the legislature. Partner organizations sent letters of support to legislators, asked business partners to speak out for the legislation to fund STEM teaching and learning, and even inspired letters to the editor in local newspaper to support STEM.

Impacts: The kit is a template for communication efforts. The kit provided easy to use talking points about STEM education that engaged partners from schools, informal education partners, business partners, and community members.

Prior research or grounding: This tool was built on the Ohio STEM Advocacy Kit See the Ohio STEM Advocacy Kit for research and grounding.

Contact: Wes Hall, Tennessee STEM Innovation Network, 615-727-1437,