Network: iSTEM Resource Center

Purpose: Indiana STEM Strategic Plan guides the improvement of STEM education across the state and close achievement gaps in STEM.

Usage: The plan has guided the state’s implementation of STEM education across Indiana.

Impacts: The strategic plan provided the vision for our STEM work in the state. As a result we have been able to develop a STEM School Certification which is currently in its 3rd Cohort. Additionally, we have created a STEM School Network to facilitate the continued growth of STEM schools in the state. Lastly, the Indiana STEM Education Conference, held and Purdue each year has grown to more than 800 participants.

Prior research or grounding: The strategic plan is based on national and IN data regarding the need for STEM education, IN workforce needs, and the quality of STEM education in Indiana. We researched the best practices within other states regarding STEM to determine if there were efforts that could be duplicated in Indiana.

Contact: Jeremy Eltz, Indiana Department of Education,