Network: DC STEM Network

Purpose: To determine access to and availability of PreK-12 STEM learning opportunities for students in school and out-of-school, professional development for educators, and mentors and volunteers for students and educators. in the District of Columbia. The Landscape Surveys were completed in response to a request from the community at the Asset Mapping Workshop.

Usage: The survey results have been used to inform the strategic direction of the DC STEM Network, specifically driving the next year’s identified challenges and strategies. The surveys have been shared with STEMx members through the monthly STEMx call.

Impacts: The DC STEM Network created infographics based on key data from the landscape surveys to share on social media, websites, and other online communications. The survey results culminated in a new volunteer matching platform, several new working groups (e.g. Professional Development Rubric, Improving Quality of STEM in OST, STEM Improvement Plans) , and website modifications.

Prior research or grounding: The DC STEM Network launched four surveys: the School Survey, the Out-of-School Time Survey, the Professional Development Survey, and the Mentors and Volunteers Survey. The School Survey is based on the Carnegie Science Center’s STEM Excellence Pathway Rubric, modified with permission. The Pathway Rubric was developed by an advisory committee informed by the work of NC STEM, Washington STEM and T-STEM. All four surveys include questions from the seven 2015 working groups. Questions were developed by working group members, based on questions raised at the Asset Mapping Workshop, the Call to Action, and through from national surveys.

Contact: Marlena Jones DC STEM Network; 202-939-1103;