• Exploring New Frontiers in Online Learning

    Thinking outside of the box is a hallmark of the STEMx™ network — and Battelle. What could be more out-of-the-box than providing high school credit to students who take colleges courses through the web? That’s just what students at Reynoldsburg, Ohio’s eSTEM Academy are going to be able to do this year, thanks to Udacity. Reynoldsburg eSTEM is one of 10 schools in the Ohio STEM Learning Network, and a key demonstration site for Ohio and for STEMx. According to Principal Marcy Raymond, eSTEM will enroll 41 students in Udacity’s statistics class and 49 students in Udacity’s physics class in the fall. This will allow eSTEM to tap into off-site teaching talent and help drive high school students to excel in college-level courses. If all goes well, this may be the wave… Read More