• Semifinalists in each state announced to name NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover

    Yesterday afternoon, the top three entries in U.S. territories and states were announced for the “Name the Rover” contest.  Read NASA’s feature below for all the details on what’s next. Check out the names and essays for the semifinalists selected from your state here. NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Closer to Getting Its Name NASA’s Mars 2020 rover is one step closer to having its own name after 155 students across the U.S. were chosen as semifinalists in the “Name the Rover” essay contest. Just one will be selected to win the grand prize — the exciting honor of naming the rover and an invitation to see the spacecraft launch in July 2020 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.… Read More

  • Educators in six states receive $600,000 in STEM grants

    Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), in partnership with Bicentennial Volunteers Incorporated (a TVA retiree organization), announced awards today of $600,000 to educators in the Tennessee Valley. STEM classroom grants funded by the two organizations will allow teachers and other educators to build science labs, create prototyping lessons, and much more. All told, more than 70,000 students… Read More

  • VR game Network Collapse takes learners inside computer science concepts

    network collapse

    For computer science teachers, helping students conceptualize how information is transmitted and protected on networks can be difficult. But explaining the concept through a game makes it fun. That’s the aim of Network Collapse, a virtual reality STEM app developed by researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington. In the game, which won a Gold Award from the 2019 International Serious Play Awards, players assume the role… Read More

  • Five states win STEMx Challenge Grants to expand and share innovations

    To address the most important challenges in STEM education, the STEMx network brings together leading organizations. Today, we’re announcing the winners of our latest STEMx Challenge Grants. Read the detailed press release from Battelle for more information about the grant and the commitments made by each state. STEMx network invests in state innovations, including rural… Read More

  • Battelle NEON STEM Grant offers educators a chance to work with national environmental data

    In 2016, Battelle began operating the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) under an agreement with the National Science Foundation. NEON provides open, standardized ecological data from across the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Now, to challenge educators to use NEON data in their K-12 STEM programming, Battelle has announced the Battelle NEON STEM Grant. Educators can submit grant proposals for lessons that would use NEON data for topics ranging from climate change to animal… Read More

  • Esports coming to schools

    esports header

    Have you heard about esports? If not, you might soon. Esports is competitive videograming, and it’s a wildly popular global phenomenon with a growing professional level. Among U.S. colleges and universities, many are forming teams, hiring coaches and granting scholarships to the best players, just as they do for athletes in traditional sports. Ohio State… Read More

  • Seven state Tennessee Valley region offered classroom STEM grants

    TVA grant recipient

    The 2019-2020 TVA STEM Classroom Grant Program is now accepting applications. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) provides electricity to nearly 10 million people in seven southeastern states. Since 2012, TVA has worked through the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network to provide grant opportunities to help teachers. In partnership with Bicentennial Volunteers Incorporated, TVA STEM Classroom Grant Program… Read More

  • Virginia prepares to launch state STEM network

    Work is underway in Virginia to create the state’s first STEM network. A coalition, led by the Virginia Department of Education, is bringing together stakeholders to create the STEM plan that will guide the formation of the network. We talked with Dr. Tina Manglicmot, Director of STEM for the Virginia Department of Education, about the state’s… Read More

  • Conrad Challenge combines STEM and entrepreneurism, open for teams

    Nancy Conrad is a former teacher, a recognized leader in transformative education, and founder of the Conrad Challenge, a competition that combines STEM education and a spirit of entrepreneurism to unleash students’ potential to change the world. At the Conrad Challenge Innovation Summit 2019, 35 teams from around the world were brought to the Kennedy Space… Read More

  • Students, you could name the next Mars rover!

    In December 2008, a young student named Clara Ma submitted a name for a project NASA then called the “Mars Science Laboratory.” With a 250 word essay, Clara suggested the name “Curiosity.” The Curiosity rover has covered over 13 miles of terrain on the Martian surface. Seven years later, the car-sized robotic explorer is the… Read More