• Helping computer science teachers find community

    When a frustrated teacher needs a colleague’s encouraging support, professional advice or reassuring hug, he or she might seek out another educator teaching the same subject or grade level in the school. But what if no one else in the building handles the same curriculum? Computer science teachers often can be the only one teaching that course in a school, or even an entire district. Finding like-minded educators to brainstorm with or seek guidance from can be difficult. That’s where the Computer Science Teachers Association (www.csteachers.org) comes in. CSTA aims to offer computer science teachers a local chapter with meetings where these educators can exchange information, learn about professional development opportunities and pick up tricks of the trade. To find… Read More

  • How ESSA will change K-12 STEM education: What state leaders and STEM professionals need to know

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    The newly enacted bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) includes a flexible block grant program that will provide more hands-on learning for at-risk students, pay for these students to participate in STEM competitions, and bring other academic subjects, including the arts, into STEM subject programs. Join state leaders, teachers and STEM professionals for a webinar… Read More

  • Is Ag the answer to STEM?

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    This week’s blog post is a piece written by Dr. Kristopher Elliott, Director of STEM for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. The original post can be found at www.agfoundation.org.  There is no doubt that STEM has become a hot topic in education. Teaching science and math with a silo approach does not reflect the real world… Read More