• Tennessee educators produce thousands of protective face shields to help local medical workers

    As U.S. health-care workers struggle to treat the growing number of COVID-19 patients, they’re also struggling with a lack of personal protective equipment on the job. Aware of medical workers’ critical need for facial protection against the coronavirus, a team of educators in southeastern Tennessee sprang into action to help. The group, bolstered by local experts and 3D-printing technology, is quickly producing thousands of plastic face shields to distribute to local health workers and first responders in the Chattanooga area. Two participants in this broad-based effort – Jill Levine of Tennessee’s Hamilton County Schools and Michael Stone of the Public Education Foundation – agreed to share how they are accomplishing it.The Public Education Foundation is a regional hub of the… Read More

  • Announcing the “Start a Smile” challenge

    Within the school community, everyone is adjusting to new roles. Parents navigate new work situations. Educators find ways to continue learning beyond the classroom walls. What can students do? Following on the incredible success of the “Name the Rover” essay contest, the STEMx network proudly presents a new opportunity for K-12 students, in partnership with… Read More

  • After 28,000 student essays, NASA’s next Mars rover has a name

    All last year, you read about the NASA’s effort to find a new name worthy of the space agency’s next rover. STEMx followers passed this contest onto schools in their states or served as one of the 3,000 judges. Today, NASA revealed the winning essay and name. Middle school student Alex Mather’s name, Perseverance, has… Read More

  • Call for resources: Parents Guide to STEM released soon

    For many parents, the problem with STEM education isn’t intention, it’s execution. These parents know that a quality STEM education can ignite their child’s curiosity, drive a deep understanding of our complex work, and provide the foundation for prosperity. Where should they start? March 26, we’ll issue the first edition of the Parents Guide to STEM,… Read More

  • Member profile: How industry, parents and educators come together in South Carolina

    Activity is busting out all over at South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics & Science (SCCMS). From the upcoming STEM Education Month to the iMAGINE STEAM community festivals and S2TEM Centers SC professional development, myriad events and projects are being sponsored by the coalition to make sure educators and students across the state are busy exploring,… Read More

  • Five projects bring data from first-ever National Ecological Observatory Network to students

    Adapted from Battelle’s press release.  The inaugural Battelle NEON STEM Grant Program will fund $100,000 worth of student research around the country, enabling five projects to leverage the open data generated by the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON). A continental-scale ecological observation facility sponsored by the National Science Foundation and managed and operated by Battelle… Read More

  • Semifinalists in each state announced to name NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover

    Yesterday afternoon, the top three entries in U.S. territories and states were announced for the “Name the Rover” contest.  Read NASA’s feature below for all the details on what’s next. Check out the names and essays for the semifinalists selected from your state here. NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Closer to Getting Its Name NASA’s Mars… Read More

  • Educators in six states receive $600,000 in STEM grants

    Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), in partnership with Bicentennial Volunteers Incorporated (a TVA retiree organization), announced awards today of $600,000 to educators in the Tennessee Valley. STEM classroom grants funded by the two organizations will allow teachers and other educators to build science labs, create prototyping lessons, and much more. All told, more than 70,000 students… Read More

  • VR game Network Collapse takes learners inside computer science concepts

    network collapse

    For computer science teachers, helping students conceptualize how information is transmitted and protected on networks can be difficult. But explaining the concept through a game makes it fun. That’s the aim of Network Collapse, a virtual reality STEM app developed by researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington. In the game, which won a Gold Award from the 2019 International Serious Play Awards, players assume the role… Read More

  • Five states win STEMx Challenge Grants to expand and share innovations

    To address the most important challenges in STEM education, the STEMx network brings together leading organizations. Today, we’re announcing the winners of our latest STEMx Challenge Grants. Read the detailed press release from Battelle for more information about the grant and the commitments made by each state. STEMx network invests in state innovations, including rural… Read More