• Lessons from the latest STEMx Challenge Grants

    Last October, the STEMx network issued $15,000 grants to five states. The “STEMx Challenge Grants” offered $75,000 in funding for states to advance STEM and share lessons learned with the national STEM community. Below, read the detailed reports submitted by each of the five winning states. Idaho:  New strategic plan and regional hubs planned to enhance statewide STEM access Download report Project plan: Facing projections of a 26 percent increase in the number of STEM jobs in Idaho by 2024, the Idaho STEM Action Center looks to expand into a full-fledged statewide STEM ecosystem. The Idaho STEM Action Center will bring partners together and formalize a state STEM network with shared vision, mission, and goals. This new strategic plan will… Read More

  • New pandemic relief bills proposed: Outlook for education funding

    Image of U.S. Capitol

    We regularly check in with Thomas Phillips, Congressional Affairs Specialist for Battelle, about legislation that’s going to impact STEM networks and STEM educators across the country. This week, Congress has been busy debating new bills with trillions of dollars in federal aid. Thomas breaks down both bills, with a view on the prospects for compromise… Read More

  • New summit, plan and more building STEM network in Virginia

    In July 2019, the governor of Virginia established a STEM Education Commission for the state, with the goal of eventually launching a statewide STEM network. Having such a network, proponents said, would provide a united vision for Virginia’s many STEM programs, which had been developed in isolation. A network could aid communication and sharing of… Read More

  • Tennessee network focused on “kindergarten to jobs” pipeline

    Since its creation in 2010, the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network has worked to develop high-quality STEM programming for the state’s students in support of the focus of “kindergarten to jobs.” From its Regional STEM Innovation Hubs and STEM Designated Schools program to its professional development efforts, the network has strived to help Tennessee students be… Read More

  • Announcing the “Start a Smile” challenge

    Within the school community, everyone is adjusting to new roles. Parents navigate new work situations. Educators find ways to continue learning beyond the classroom walls. What can students do? Following on the incredible success of the “Name the Rover” essay contest, the STEMx network proudly presents a new opportunity for K-12 students, in partnership with… Read More

  • STEMx Parent’s Guide to STEM and school closure resources

    As parents across the country find themselves managing unprecedented new challenges with the closure of most schools, we are proud to announce the release of the STEMx Parent’s Guide to STEM.  The STEMx Parent’s Guide to STEM offers more than 30 pages of research and interviews examining how to understand STEM education. This guide is… Read More

  • Member profile: How industry, parents and educators come together in South Carolina

    Activity is busting out all over at South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics & Science (SCCMS). From the upcoming STEM Education Month to the iMAGINE STEAM community festivals and S2TEM Centers SC professional development, myriad events and projects are being sponsored by the coalition to make sure educators and students across the state are busy exploring,… Read More

  • New federal STEM plan released, first thoughts

    by Wes Hall, Director of STEMx On Tuesday, the White House released Charting a Course for Success: America’s Strategy for STEM Education (download), a new federal STEM education strategic plan intended to serve as a rallying point for the STEM community and to provide guidance for federal agencies that offer STEM funding opportunities. The White… Read More

  • Podcast “Rural Matters” talks small towns and computer science with STEMx members

    STEM schools are working hard to make a difference for rural America’s students, offering myriad learning opportunities for young people living outside our nation’s big cities. But how are rural STEM schools doing in providing computer science education? That was the topic of a recent “Rural Matters” podcast, hosted by Michelle Rathman. For the podcast,… Read More

  • National Laboratory dispatches scientists to engage community

    How do America’s STEM scientists and researchers dismantle the “ivory tower” idea? What potentially game-changing breakthroughs are these dedicated men and women working on? Answering such questions is the aim of a program at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy research facility operated by Battelle, is training some of… Read More