Update: Here’s the website set up by Margaret’s family: http://www.forevermissed.com/margaret-ashida/

141008 Margaret bOver the weekend, Margaret Ashida, Executive Director of STEMx, passed away. The education community has lost a leading advocate. Her work includes an impressive list of leadership positions in organizations across the country, and credentials from elite universities. Her industry expertise and commitment to excellent STEM education opportunities for all students will be sorely missed.

As anyone who had the pleasure of working alongside Margaret knows, she was a tireless advocate for equity and access, and a persistent, diligent team member. Our team, along with countless others, will miss her knowledge and skill—but what we will miss most is her kindness and cheerful smile.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family during this difficult time.


Aimee Kennedy

Vice President of Education, STEM Learning and Philanthropy


2 thoughts on “Sad news”

  1. Gwendolyn Maturo-Grasso says:

    Thank you for giving our colleague and friend Margaret Ashida a national venue to forward our STEM agenda. We are truly grateful for the too short a time we had with her!

    Teacher & STEM Leader in NY

  2. Michael R Weekes says:

    I met Margaret at Alfred. State this summer.

    I had the joy if presenting a small idea.

    I said to her, with glee,”today I became an educator !”

    To which she replied,”oh, you already were!”

    Her warmth and genuine concern coupled her effort, leadership and passion.

    She was a gem!nn1

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