STEM education helps students succeed in school and find (or create) great jobs when they graduate. Paired with innovation at the local level, states are leading the way on STEM. The State of Washington’s House and Senate made this clear last week with strong bipartisan support for comprehensive STEM legislation requested by Governor Jay Inslee. House Bill 1872 lays the groundwork for a results-driven state strategy to grow STEM at every level, from pre-school through college.

Washington’s focus on greater coordination, innovation and accountability of STEM education initiatives matches what Washington voters want. A recent poll conducted by STEMx member Washington STEM reported that more than 80 percent of voters in the state agree that an increased focus on STEM education will improve the state’s economy. And more than 90 percent agree that STEM skills enhance opportunities for students.

The expansion of STEM teaching and learning will help create America’s next generation of innovators. Through the STEMx network, we’re connecting organizations in 19 states that share the kind of vision demonstrated last week in Washington state – that through local innovation and state leadership, we can deliver national impact.

Margaret Ashida is the director of the STEMx network. If you’d like to learn more about the STEMx network, send us a note using the Contact Us page.

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