• Teachers can apply now to create lessons, work in Army science labs

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    The RESET program allows teachers to conduct research in a real lab with professional mentoring and take the knowledge they gain back to the classroom. RESET, or Research Experiences for STEM Educators and Teachers, offers 60 hours of online summer learning to a select group of teachers and then places some of them in an Army lab to work for a month. Applications are open now. To find out more about the program, we contacted its director, Dr. Jennifer Meadows, Assistant Professor in STEM and Mathematics education at Tennessee Technological University. Q: Describe the RESET program. Who can apply to participate? A: RESET provides an experiential learning opportunity for STEM educators interested in conducting research with an Army scientist or… Read More

  • Lessons from the latest STEMx Challenge Grants

    Last October, the STEMx network issued $15,000 grants to five states. The “STEMx Challenge Grants” offered $75,000 in funding for states to advance STEM and share lessons learned with the national STEM community. Below, read the detailed reports submitted by each of the five winning states. Idaho:  New strategic plan and regional hubs planned to… Read More

  • New pandemic relief bills proposed: Outlook for education funding

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    We regularly check in with Thomas Phillips, Congressional Affairs Specialist for Battelle, about legislation that’s going to impact STEM networks and STEM educators across the country. This week, Congress has been busy debating new bills with trillions of dollars in federal aid. Thomas breaks down both bills, with a view on the prospects for compromise… Read More

  • New summit, plan and more building STEM network in Virginia

    In July 2019, the governor of Virginia established a STEM Education Commission for the state, with the goal of eventually launching a statewide STEM network. Having such a network, proponents said, would provide a united vision for Virginia’s many STEM programs, which had been developed in isolation. A network could aid communication and sharing of… Read More

  • Army consortium for STEM seeks eCYBERMISSION promotion partner

    The Army Education Outreach Program, or AEOP, is the Army’s platform for advancing STEM education and literacy. AEOP includes a portfolio experiences, internships and competitions. AEOP, through its cooperative agreement with Battelle, has opened a formal Request for Proposals. AEOP and Battelle seek a partner to increase participation in the eCYBERMISSION program. Specifically, the proposal… Read More

  • Tennessee network focused on “kindergarten to jobs” pipeline

    Since its creation in 2010, the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network has worked to develop high-quality STEM programming for the state’s students in support of the focus of “kindergarten to jobs.” From its Regional STEM Innovation Hubs and STEM Designated Schools program to its professional development efforts, the network has strived to help Tennessee students be… Read More

  • Tennessee educators produce thousands of protective face shields to help local medical workers

    As U.S. health-care workers struggle to treat the growing number of COVID-19 patients, they’re also struggling with a lack of personal protective equipment on the job. Aware of medical workers’ critical need for facial protection against the coronavirus, a team of educators in southeastern Tennessee sprang into action to help. The group, bolstered by local… Read More

  • Announcing the “Start a Smile” challenge

    Within the school community, everyone is adjusting to new roles. Parents navigate new work situations. Educators find ways to continue learning beyond the classroom walls. What can students do? Following on the incredible success of the “Name the Rover” essay contest, the STEMx network proudly presents a new opportunity for K-12 students, in partnership with… Read More

  • STEMx Parent’s Guide to STEM and school closure resources

    As parents across the country find themselves managing unprecedented new challenges with the closure of most schools, we are proud to announce the release of the STEMx Parent’s Guide to STEM.  The STEMx Parent’s Guide to STEM offers more than 30 pages of research and interviews examining how to understand STEM education. This guide is… Read More

  • After 28,000 student essays, NASA’s next Mars rover has a name

    All last year, you read about the NASA’s effort to find a new name worthy of the space agency’s next rover. STEMx followers passed this contest onto schools in their states or served as one of the 3,000 judges. Today, NASA revealed the winning essay and name. Middle school student Alex Mather’s name, Perseverance, has… Read More